Every people need sim cards at present world

Introduction Information technology advances as one of the effects of globalization are something that can have a positive impact on a country. One of the most prominent due to the advancement of information technology is the change of how the way humans live, including their interaction and even transactions that are no longer in a conventional way, that is the presence of new media, namely the internet. The term “new” brings an understanding that on the other hand, there are old media. Croteau and Hoynes stated, “The differences between ‘new’ and ‘old’ forms of media are substantial in themselves and also used some websites like simgiagoc.com .

  • This thing means that the difference between these two media lies in the medium used. Al this time, conventional media is identical to its massive character or one to many.
  • Information technology development activities have resulted in various sectors of life utilizing information technology systems, such as the implementation of electronic commerce e-commerce in the trade/business sector, electronic education e-education in the field of education, electronic health e-health in the health sector, electronic government e-government in the fields of government, search engines, social networks, smartphones, and mobile internet and the development of cloud computing industries.
  • However, information technology can also be a double-edged sword, because in addition to contributing to the improvement of human welfare, progress, and civilization, as well as being an effective means of the action against the law. Based on data quoted from Wearesocial.com in January 2018, internet users.

These principles are as follows:

  • Personal data must be obtained honestly, legally, and must consent of the owner of the data The collection limitation principle.
  • Personal data obtained must be following the main purpose and the data must be accurate and up-to-date The data quality principle.
  • Personal data must be processed following the purpose and the data collection process and must be notified to the owner at the time the data is obtained The purpose specification principle
  • The data should not be given to third parties without the consent of the owner of the data unless specified by law. The use limitation principle.
  • The security safeguard principle measures appropriate safeguards should be taken to deal with the processes of acquisition of data that can lead to lost, damaged, and the unauthorized use of personal data.
  • The openness principle, data owners must know the purpose of using their data.
  • The individual participation principle, the data owner has the right to correct the incorrect data.
  • The accountability principle, the parties must carry out the principles above.



Arrangements regarding the protection of personal data are very important in a country, especially Indonesia which still does not comprehensively regulate the protection of personal data. This is due to Personal Data being part of the Privacy that is mentioned as rights protected under international human rights rules. Thus, it is expected that with the discussion that we have described above, a conclusion can be drawn that it is one of many considerations for the Indonesian government to include personal data protection law into their national legislation programs and validate the personal data protection law in this proximity.