Condo of the modern in the development of tender

The redevelopment of urban in the tender of midtown modern authority offers the government land sale program to be closed. Two bidders may be attacked by them. The three developer partnerships in Guocoland and hong long holidays of subsidiaries. The reality od hong in the investment of the intrepid in the highest bid of translating S$800.19 to S$1,535 psf ppr. They tied up the 2 bid between the city development and MCL land. They may enjoy their site in a maximum of the gross floor around the area of the 521,301 sq ft. their expected house in the development of 580 units of residential private and commercial.

Midtown Modern condo

The serviced apartments of the maximum GFA in sq m 12,000 in the total retail spaces of GFA and they do not exceed in the first level 2000 sq m. the price of breakeven to be estimated in the site of the Midtown Modern condo in the selling price of the S$2,200 psf is more than the S$2,400 psf. There is a top bid of the modern site of midtown in 5.3 % is higher then the nearby road of the middle site may be received at S$1,458 psf ppr. There is a proper explanation in the suitable location of difference in the site of the midtown modern. There is some proper district of 7 in the excellent of nestled location in Singapore.

Benefits of their residents

There is a transportation of the resident choice in the region of enhanced to allow the connect in the various places and the benefits of their service and facilities. Their next home may be looking for the neighbourhood picking of your good choice. There is good excellence in their school of the walking distance in the midtown modern and the destination of shopping plethora in an ideal work of life in the setting of luxurious. There is some exact location in Singapore to expect the exciting level of the Singapore highlights. Their transportation may allow in different of 7 districts is enhanced to connect within allowing of the residents in the neighbourhood and some other region of Singapore.

The right close of the site in midtown modern in Tan Quee Lan st. there is breeze road transportation in the enjoying area of the bus service of the multitude and MRT station to be enjoyed. The midtown modern of the residents in the outside of the travel from Singapore to Malaysia in the terminal bus service is less than the 10 mins of walks away. There is 1 min of walking from the MRT station. There are some underground changes in the borders of the station in Victoria and some planning of the Bugis area to be connected in the line of downtown and ease-west line. There is a set to become the neighbourhood transportation or better in their future of near the corridor of the north-south of completion. Their first integrated of the corridor transport to be constructed in featuring of Singapore in routes of the cycling and their lanes to continue. There are various places in NSC to the places of the north. There is commuting of ease in the downtown core of the areas.