The LED masks have been prevailing as a newer sensation in this modern lives. these types of LED masks are used to wear in the parties, night costumes etc…mostly these night parties and as well as the coustumes will be incomplete without these usages of masks. These halloweenmaskrz types of masks are most preferable for all age peoples.

Usage of lights

The lights used in these types of masks is LED which is abbreviated as Light Emitting Diode.
the high quality mask which is provided with a strong battery level.
this also can be rechargeable with the AA batteries.
these batteries will not be provided with the mask.


The lights which have been used in these types of masks will not harm your eyes and as well as your skin.
The thin fillim will be provided for your extra assccurance and safety.

Availability of an colour

The masks have been provided with many choices of colours for our convienience.
Mostly the masks will be provided with white, purple, blue, ice blue, green, red, pink and yellow.


The mask is very easy to controll.
The masks areis provided with the four numerable settings for lights.
The lights can be controlled even while the mask is used.


in thisese type of LED masks, the EL cold wire is used.
This is used for the safety purpose.
These cold wires are also used in gears and as well as in toys.
These wires would not cause any kind of damage issues.


The four LED settings which areis used to allow the light brightness.
It can work all nights even which have been set to thean the brightest setting of the mask.
there is an cord which is connected to the pack of the battery that will be long enough to fix in your clips or pocket in your pants.
There will be an settings present with an one button, of three light modes in a different manner.


The comfortability speaks in each and every wearings. It is very easy and most comfortable to wear for a long time as it has provided with the cushiony oin the inner surface.



Instead of PVC which is abbreviated as Poly Vinyl Chloride, it is made of matte acrylic plastic.
The matte acrylic is light in weight
It is resistant to breaking.
The lights which areis used in the mask is wovened instead of glued.
This is an another reason in which the LED masks is said to be durable and as well as long- lasting…
An interestring view of the mask is that they have brought an female and as well as male mask in costumes of Halloween over this year. They have worked more over perfectly with their outfits. The negative thing about the mask is that there areis many differences between the women’s and men’s masks there is an little issue Ii that. The designing and art work in the masks is very neat and comfortable to use. Mostly the Halloween party willl not be over without the usage of LED purge masks. The important features of the mask areis its quality, comfortability of the mask, controllable, choosing of an colour, safer for the eyes and as well as for skin.