Perfect Choices for the SEO Affiliate Domination Now

Many ask how they can work while traveling. Some believe it is always on vacation, in fact, manage your business model intelligently and use two elements that allow me to generate passive income and earn even while you are not in front of the PC: Affiliate marketing and SEO traffic. For the SEO Affiliate Domination this is important.

In this article, you will find the guide on how to generate passive revenue thanks to Affiliate marketing and the organic traffic obtained by search engines. A step-by-step guide where we will show you: some concepts concerning online advertising, the programs and strategies that we use to find the right niche,   search for keywords, monetize traffic, register in affiliate programs and, finally, how to optimize the article on the SEO side to position yourself on a specific keyword: the money keyword.

What is online advertising?

SEO Affiliate Domination

Online advertising is advertising used to attract users to another site, visible in the form of:

  • Banner
  • Links
  • Animation

It is present in all internet products and includes marketing activities, such as:

  • Display advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

How to use SEO traffic to generate passive revenue with Affiliate marketing

A web marketer with many years of experience has tried various business models in the world of online marketing. Everyone has given us satisfactory results: from Social media marketing to Affiliate marketing with paid traffic, to the creation of e-commerce sites for dropshipping. But each of them needed an active job that led me every day to stay in front of the PC to follow the advertising campaigns, to create the daily contents or to manage orders and customers. Nothing wrong with that, but there is something better and more similar to my, or someone else’s, lifestyle, characterized by the need for more freedom of movement and time.

What we want to talk to you about today is Affiliate marketing combined with SEO traffic. This is a business model of web marketing that has chosen to pursue and on which to devote most of our time. Why? Simply because it adapts more to the lifestyle described above. There is more freedom of movement and time management. As you can see from Instagram profile people love to travel and always be in different places, and we can assure you that there is nothing better than generating passive income while traveling, or sleeping, and above all without having thoughts about customers, obligations or deadlines. And that’s exactly why we chose to specialize in obtaining organic traffic from search engines, monetizing it thanks to the commissions generated by the sales of third-party products: you promote the product and get a commission as a reward. For the rest, you don’t have to think about anything else.

Is this easy to achieve?

It is certainly not a walk and it will take some time before seeing the first visitors and the first conversions.

  • The choice of the niche,
  • The search for the money keyword,
  • Joining the affiliate program
  • SEO side article optimization.

Once you have created the article on a specific money keyword and you can position it on Google, you will only have to wait for the next sale generated to see a profit, which can happen while you sleep, while you enjoy a day in the sun by the pool or while in an airplane near the next destination.