How Theme Authority Works for You

Take the time to closely examine the reputation of the author of the WordPress theme under consideration. Read the comments related to your theme to see if a support site is dedicated to it, if the documentation is provided and if existing customers are satisfied with the theme and the quality of the responses provided by customer service. On Theme Authorityfor example, the status of Elite Author already allows you to see who has designed particularly appreciated themes.

Choosing a WordPress theme is not easy.

The main difficulty is that there are thousands of themes available on the internet, free or paid. We bet half of you have already spent hours browsing Themeforest or Elegant Themes. Having objective selection criteria help to choose. It’s true in all areas, it’s true to choose a WordPress theme. In this complete guide, we will present the most important criteria according to us to find a WordPress theme adapted to its needs and expectations. Let’s go.

Why should you be careful when choosing a WordPress theme?

WordPress is used to create all kinds of websites. That is why each theme is aimed at a different market. Your WordPress theme should complement the content of your website. For example, if you start a blog on political or social issues, you want a topic that improves the readability of what you write. Most WordPress themes come with tons of customization options. If not coded correctly, these options may prevent you from changing the theme or using other WordPress plugins. You will be stuck with this theme or have to pay a developer to help you change it.

On the flip side, some WordPress themes that look really awesome can actually make your website incredibly slow. No one likes slow websites, especially Google, who prefers to rank faster websites higher in SERPS. Your theme is the face of your WordPress site. It plays an important role in how users and search engines perceive it. Now is the time to take the steps to ensure you select the best theme for your WordPress site.

Look for simplicity

Most WordPress themes come with lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc. Sometimes you might need it, but in most cases, this is all outdated.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: Leonardo da Vinci

Look for a theme whose layout helps you reach your goal. It must be beautiful but without compromising the user-friendliness and simplicity of your site. Make sure the theme presentation style is not too complicated. The purpose of web design is to help users find the information they need and to help site owners achieve their goals. If a theme looks great but does not help you find new customers or subscribers to then this is not a good theme.

Responsive should no longer be an option

Responsive themes adjust their layout on different screen sizes computers, tablets, smartphones. A significant number of web traffic is generated from mobile devices and other portable devices. Depending on the topics your website covers, this number could even exceed 50% of your traffic. Google lists mobile-friendly websites at the top of their mobile search results. Whatever the subjects and demographics of your site, all websites must be 100% responsive. Most WordPress themes are already responsive by default. Be careful though, there are always a few themes that are not mobile-friendly.