Three sided football and history 3SF World Cup silkeborg, 2014

Three-sided football regularly alluded to as 3SF is a variety of affiliation football played with three groups rather than the typical two. Played on a hexagonal pitch, the game can be adjusted to trực tiếp bóng đá , as well as different variants of football.

Dissimilar to traditional football, where the not set in stone by the most noteworthy scoring of the two groups, the champ in three-sided football is the group that surrendered the least objectives.

It was formulated by the Danish Situationist Asger Jorn to clarify his thought of triolectics, which was his refinement on the Marxian idea of persuasions, as well as to upset everybody’s overall thought of football.

History :

The originally known round of 3SF, played on Friday 28 May 1993, was coordinated by the London Psychogeographical Association on Glasgow Green as a feature of the Glasgow Anarchist Summer School. Members included Richard Essex, Stewart Home and the individuals from The Workshop for Non-Linear Architecture.

Three-sided football has been rehearsed in different instructional courses of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts in England, France, Italy and Austria, remembering the first Intergalactic Conference for Vienna 1997, the second Intergalactic Conference in Bologna 1998, the Space 1999 in London, or as a dissent occasion un Parc de La Villette during the 1998 two-sided football World Cup in Paris.

The Deptford Three Sided Football Club D3FC was established in February 2012 to celebrate the 50th commemoration of Jorn’s innovation of the game in his 1962 book Naturens Orden. Games were held each and every other Sunday among D3FC and other neighborhood clubs at the Deptford Green Hexagon in Fordham Park, South East London.

trực tiếp bóng đá

From 2013 to 2021 the Sports Organization “Futbol 3 Colombia – F3C” has been leading Three-Sided Football soccer 3 competitions in recreational areas and colleges in Bogotá – Colombia for kids and youngsters people of low pay and weak The Three Sided Football matches are held in different recreational areas, for example, Service Park, La Gaitana Park, Ciudad Montes Park, and beginning around 2018 each Saturday in the Normandía area park in the city of Bogotá

3SF World Cup Silkeborg, 2014 :

The principal 3SF World Cup occurred in collaboration with the International Three-Sided Football Federation and the Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, Denmark, from 23 May until 25 May 2014. Groups from France, Germany, Poland, England, Lithuania and Denmark tried to win the Cup. The Danish group Silkeborg KFUM has delegated champions.

Kassel, 2017 :

The competition was facilitated by Dynamo Windrad as a component of Documenta 14 and included twelve groups starting from Germany, England, Poland and Lithuania.

The last was contested between neighborhood side F2 Versenkt and two groups from the SE London association, Polish Husaria and New Cross Internationals. In an extremely close and strategic game, New Cross Internationals scored the main objective of the game against F2 Versenkt. Albeit Polish Husaria and New Cross Internationals both completed the game with clean sheets, the guidelines of the competition expressed that in instances of a triumphant draw the group who scored the most objectives in the match would be viewed as the champ. Consequently, New Cross Internationals have pronounced champions of the competition.

drad Kassel from Germany and Ayazma FC from Turkey. The official was Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ, who was suspended by the Turkish Football Federation in 2009 due to his sexuality. Geoff Andrews, chief of Philosophy Football FC, sent off the International Three-Sided Football Federation before this match.