The various transformation of the energy

The ability to do work is called energy. The person wants to do life the broken tree on the road to make the way he able to do with the loss of his strength, power, and the time to do that work is all definite as energy. This is called energy. The are many varieties and various sources of energy. There are to termed as many types. The details of the energy study can we see on the website of the  They have classified the energy as very clear and in a simple manner. It is very helpful for students for the purpose of education.

What is the flow of energy?

The energy flow from one place to another with the tropical reasons recalled the flow of energy. If there is an all ecosystem there must be a producer in the starting of the tropical level and the primary consumer, secondary consumer, and finally territory consumer. These are the main systems of the ecosystem of the living environment.

If there is a problem that occurs in an ecosystem the total environment and the flow of energy gets collapsed. So each and every living thing are to play a vital and important role in it. Let’s we going to see some food chains.

  • Grass_ deer_ tiger

In that the grass play the role of the produce, the deer is a herbivore that always is dependent on the grass and the other herbivore things so it is the middle consumer, the tiger is a pure carnivore it must only depend only on the meat so it plays the territory consumer role in it.

  • Planktons_ small fish_ big fish_ humans

In that, the plankton plays the producer role in it so it is the starting stages of all the others. Producers are the main and the first stage of all the food chains. Small fish depend on the plankton so it is the primary consumer, the big fish is dependent on the small fish for the food so the big fish is the secondary consumer, finally, the humans need the various needs to satisfy our wants so they lead the top position in the food chain as the territory consumers.

The bacteria and the fungus are also played a vital role. If a living organism gets a decade it is the good fertilizer for the upcoming produces. So the bacteria and the fungus are played a vital role. The air-water sunlight and the other in seeing things and the main is time is to be gathered to form a correct environment.

Food web

The food chains are to be mixed and the connection of food chains between the other is called to be a food web. So the food is also an important segment in the environment or lets tell it as science. So that we should save the animals in the extended position. We should not get finished off. Each and every bird and animals play a vital role in the environment. Thus the flow of energy sources in the environment. Let’s make the natural world for tomorrow.