The perfect Affiliate Program Choices for You

Why do we need an affiliate program, how to install it, how it works and what is personally beneficial for you to read the new article of University? A bonus at the end of the article is waiting for real examples of PP in online stores. In the case of the quora partner program you can find the best deal.

What is an affiliate program and how does it work

An affiliate program is a business collaboration between the owner of an online store and third-party Internet portals: sites, blogs, pages on social networks and other resources. You can even take part in such affiliates without having a personal web resource. Links can be shared on social networks, thematic forums, blogs and email newsletters. The keyword in the concept of PP is partners who benefit from mutual cooperation.

The principle of any affiliate program is simple: the owner of the resource gives the affiliate a link that he publishes on his website or simply on a forum or in public. Anyone who follows this link becomes a referral. His task is to make a purchase or a specific action. The one who posted the link receives a certain percentage of all purchases made by his referral.

Affiliate programs use a variety of resources that require attracting new customers or customers. Online shopping is one of the most promising areas in this industry: more and more people shop online, which means that the chances of attracting new referrals are constantly growing. Experts call the figure up to 40% of the target audience of course if you follow all the rules of a successful PP.

How useful is the affiliate program?

The benefits are obvious to every PP participant.

The owner of the online store receives several benefits at once:

  • You can attract new buyers without investing in advertising,
  • Accordingly, increase sales, turnover and profit,

You cannot spend money on PR partners will do it for you. Thanks to the link, many will find out about your resource, and those who are really interested will go to the site that is, your target audience, commissions can be paid only after the completion of the target action the purchase of goods. If a person followed the link to the site, wandered, but didn’t buy anything, the partner will be left without remuneration, and the money will remain with you.

quora partner program

For partners, this is an additional way of earning, which does not require any investments just post a link and receive a commission. Customers who follow the link will experience the joys of shopping. It’s not bad too.

Affiliate reward types

You and only you decide what the reward will be. Usually, this is a certain percentage from 5 to 30, which you set yourself. There are three main types of payment in PP:

Remuneration for the sale: The partner places a link on the resource, and receives a commission for each referral that went through the link and bought the goods in your online store.

Remuneration for action: Everything is the same, only the partner receives payment for everyone who has performed the target action: he followed the link to the site and left contact information, for example,

Multilevel marketing: The partner places a link that attracted referrals themselves to become partners and receive their commissions. Part of the income of referrals is received by the partner. A complex scheme, similar to a pyramid, however, people make money from it.