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The Cartier jewelry is always used for the price range 18K, and for jewelry made of platinum the metal of the sample. All diamonds in the rings are certified and meet strict selection criteria. A prerequisite is Cartier printing on the inside of the product next to the sample sign. There is also a weight difference between the original and the fake. Explore the best diamond engagement rings there

How to Select

Recommendations for selection and care Cartier jewelry is a great investment for future generations, therefore, when buying a ring, they pay special attention to its originality. A specialized boutique is required to provide a certificate of authenticity.

The inner part of the ring must contain the logo and the sign of the test. When purchasing jewelry, you need to choose the style, metal and size of the ring. The size range of Cartier rings: 14 Sellers of a company store will help determine the size.

The phrase diamond ring in many people is associated with the engagement ring. Indeed, many engagement rings have diamonds, but not all. And not all diamond rings are engagement. Diamond rings began to play the role of engagement just a few decades ago, while the very concept of a diamond ring has existed for many centuries. Diamond rings have many roles: they can be jewelry for an evening dress, engagement ring, men’s jewelry, cocktail ring or statement ring and much more. Here are some frequently asked questions about diamond rings that may be helpful.

diamond engagement rings

How many diamonds must be in a ring to be considered a diamond?

There is no minimum amount of diamonds for a ring to have a diamond status. Even the presence of one diamond, large or small, already suggests that such a ring is a diamond.

Do men wear diamond rings?

It is believed that diamond rings are feminine jewelry. However, men also wear such rings. A great example of a male diamond ring is an engagement ring adorned with these stones. Many couples purchase paired wedding rings in which the male ring is slightly wider than and not as shiny as the female. Some men wear engagement rings even today. These two kinds of rings are often decorated with diamonds. Even if it’s not about a wedding, wearing a man’s ring with impressive diamonds is perfectly acceptable.

What should be considered when buying a diamond ring?

In addition to the style and external beauty of the ring, which are an important criterion when buying jewelry, you must also pay attention to the diamond itself. We advise you to pay attention to the passport of the stone, where there is all the necessary information about it, as well as the characteristics of “4C”: cut, color, carat weight, clarity or purity. If you buy a white diamond pay attention to the cut, it is worth choosing the best one in which the diamond will sparkle. If we are talking about a colored natural diamond, the most important thing is to focus on the color of the stone.

What types of diamond rings exist?

Diamond rings can have a different appearance: consist of one main stone, have several stones of equal size, as a rule, these are three large stones, be halo rings, refer to vintage rings, cocktail rings or statement rings. The only thing that unites all these rings is the presence of a diamond. Everything else can be completely different.