Look for the best Choices in Case of the heat Pumps

If you prefer spacious drawers, we recommend a bathroom cabinet with one or two drawers. If instead, you need many small spaces, you should choose a bathroom cabinet with more compartments: you will lose storage capacity for large items but you will have more possibilities to classify what you want. For the heat pumps by Waterware   this is important.

Welcome to the online store, to reform the bathroom it is important to take into account many functional aspects, both style and design. To reform our bathroom in a comfortable and practical space, it is very important to be successful in choosing all its details. One of them is the bathroom cabinet. The most important aspects that you must take into account when choosing a new piece of furniture are:

  • Measurements
  • Color
  • Capacity and distribution
  • Material
  • Finish

The measures

You must take into account the width, height and bottom of the bathroom cabinet.

The width of the furniture: It is very important to measure with a meter the maximum width available to locate the furniture. Once located, it should not interfere with opening the doors or hinder the use of other bathroom elements such as the bidet, toilet or shower. The most common width measurements are from 600 to 1200 cm. You can choose differences of 10 centimeters that allow you to adjust as much as possible to the available space. These measures are imposed by the ceramic countertops on the market, if we want to adapt the furniture to other measures, we will make the project more expensive, since we will have to use products such as the solid surface for the countertop.

The bottom of the bathroom furniture: It is very important to know the available background to place the furniture. The most common depth used in the bathroom furniture is 45 cm. There are models from 35 cm and up to 50 cm. 35 cm of furniture can be helpful if you want to gain some space in the bathroom. It tends to be a little more expensive the narrower since bathroom countertops become more expensive.

The height of the bathroom cabinet: an important detail, only when it comes to suspended furniture. The height at which the furniture is placed must be calculated so that it is comfortable to use. If you have taps built into the wall, make sure that the furniture is appropriately sized so that water does not splash when we use it. If the furniture is not suspended, the height is determined by the manufacturer and is usually between 82 and 86 cm.

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Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors, both in lacquers and in wood laminates. When choosing, you have to take into account the color of the tile or wall paint and decide if you want the furniture to stand out more or less in the bathroom. It is important to get the color combinations with the details of the furniture and always try to use the ceramic one-piece countertop since it is clean, durable and economical. There are even different types of very stylized pools. If we put the color countertop, we will make the final price much more expensive.