Finer Choices for the Best Halloween Mask

Supporters of the maximum conviction can be advised for professional make-up. The cost of it is much more, but bruises, abrasions, body spots on the face will look as realistic and daunting as possible. And although many of us are able to master this make-up, it would be better if a professional would take care to apply it (if there is one among your acquaintances). The use of halloweenmaskrt is essential here.

Halloween girls create special looks. Maybe this is the only holiday when you can’t be afraid to overdo it with cosmetics or seem too vulgar. There is a principle the worse, the better.

Scary Makeup On Halloween: Photo And Technique To Create The Image Of A Witch

One of the most popular images for a girl gathered to celebrate Halloween was the image of a witch. It involves the magic of power and sexual attractiveness for every man. For a suit, usually a sufficiently dark mantle, a topped headgear, and also hairstyles from long confused hair.

And what are the subtleties of a witch’s makeup?

Post a similar image, make the face pale to the maximum, as a healthy glow is not combined with such a mysterious being as a witch. Choose the whitest powder and thickly rub the breath on the cheeks, preferably without leaving any lumps. The facial texture is not transmitted by blush, but by powdery dark shade.


The dark brown color will visually sharpen the chin, highlight cheekbones and apply to the wings of the nose will lengthen it. Smooth your eyes along the contour with a bold black pencil, to increase the effect, you can use purple or black shadows, and false eyelashes will not blend.

Lipstick is best to choose the most light – white, purple or purple, but also without nacre. It is these colors that make the lips incredibly lifeless.

Black pencil contour cheeks painted with spiders or a web of cobwebs. Such a “tattoo” will give the image of originality and make it really stylish.

We Play Dolls

Another popular character for girls on Halloween is the doll. This is not just a scary makeup. The doll’s image is at once unusual, beautiful and sexually attractive to men. Her costume may consist of a polka-dot dress with a full skirt, sleeve flashlights, frills or ruffles. Sew them on a plain dress, gather from any decorative ribbon.

You can wear a cap on your head or you can build a pair of braids or tails with bows. Hair doll should be curly, fluffy. Therefore, it is better to curl threads into curls.

The face must be perfectly aligned with the foundation, the shadows should be chosen as bright as possible in the color of the dress. Do not hesitate to apply them to both upper and lower eyelids and to the area under the eyebrows. Remember this makeup has nothing to do with the classic holiday option. The face must be exaggerated puppet, a little vulgar and scary. Eyelids thicker, if possible, apply eyelashes.

The Settings Are More Complicated

Perhaps the worst Halloween makeup is the vampire meek cap. How do you do it? You will need more complex application techniques, as well as certain tools and accessories, such as a plastic jaw with fangs, which can be purchased from a souvenir shop.